December 20, 2014

Jammies Done...

 I can't show full photos of the Grammie's Jammies than these bits
or I'll give away the surprises! Partial photos will have to do for now.
  I made the pants, and bought a coordinating top. The colors in the 
shirt really are in the pants. The blue is actually navy, and for some 
reason it shows brighter here than it does in my editing program.
 This set is flannel. I made the pants and a soft, sleeveless
 top, so I added a long-sleeved t-shirt as a warmer option.
Soft flannel pants in a brighter aqua, which I then paired with an
equally soft t-top. The sleeves were too long, so I shortened them to
 a 3/4 length. That should make it comfy for cool or warm weather.

Three sets of jammies done! I'm almost finished with my list and 
will start wrapping later today. Tomorrow will definitely be a day of rest!

December 19, 2014

Marching Right Along...

Tasha Tudor Image
  I'm getting there!
2 sets of jammies completed yesterday.
I'll finish up the jammies today, as well as the eye mask and table runner.
I'll be back tomorrow. 

December 18, 2014

Still Sewing, Can't Talk...

Actually, I do always sew gifts for the holidays. You already know that.
 I'd love to sit and chat with you today, but I'm a little busy.

I have a doctor's appointment first thing today, and then finishing up a few
 things before I'm ready for Christmas. I may add more if there's enough time.

Here's what I have left:
3 sets of Grammie's Jammies
Bind one table runner and one lap quilt
1 (more) eye mask
2 zippered kit bags
If I have "extra" time:
2 - 3 more wallets
3 gift card holders
If you ask me, I'm doing pretty well! I have three days by my calculations.
I know some of you are laughing right now. I don't have time to post photos, 
but I will get pictures of everything before I wrap the projects for delivery.

How are you coming with your lists?


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