April 23, 2014

Progress Report - Full Disclosure...

 When last we met, I was preparing the old guest room for a coat
of paint. This is the way it looked after the holes were repaired. Yes.
There were actually two different colored paints on the walls in here. 

The dark color on the window wall was used to cover HUGE colored flowers
that graced the wall when we first bought our home. Lucky for the little girl
who lived here before us, but not so lucky for the grandparents who moved
in and had to cover them. (Of course, that would have been the two of us!)
 This is how the room looked after the first coat of paint. I used Behr 
"Waterfall Mist" (Code #W-D 510). It looks silvery blue, but is a little
more blue-ish in the middle part of the day. I purchased color/primer
all-in-one, hoping that it would cover completely with one coat.
 Same room, opposite wall.
 I really like this image with the "artsy" ladder shadow play. It's not the
 shadow of the step stool you can see. Rather, the larger one out of frame.
 Tag kinda let the "cat" out of the bag about how chaotic the house
is these days. I can't believe ALL this stuff was in the studio...
 and that it's camping out all over the house now. This is the reason I'm
working so hard to get this project accomplished ASAP. What a mess!
 This is actually our second guest room. The futon Tag was complaining about is
under all that fabric and supplies. (See arrow?) Definitely no naps here these days!
 This is the other side of the same room. Oh, dear. I have so much to do!
 Handsome has been so patient. He just walks through the house,
shakes his head back and forth, says, "Donna Carole" and sighs.
I do believe he's a saint and I'm not ashamed to tell the world so.
 Turns out the room did need a second coat of paint, so I did that yesterday
 morning while Handsome drove to Sandy's Quilt Shop to pick up the five
  shelf units that started all this remodeling. You might notice that I've
 reinstalled the cleaned window blinds on the likewise, newly clean window.

I left the curtain rod in place so that I could hang all my beautiful acorn
ornaments on it. Many of these were gifts from blog friends, so they are
important to me. I'll show you more pictures of them after the room is finished.
 The second coat of paint dried by mid-day, so Handsome and I pulled out the
carpeting, padding and those pesky tack rails. (Those were a bear to remove!)

I managed to install five rows of the vinyl plank flooring before I had to quit for
 the day. (My knees were starting to protest, so I decided to listen.) I also found
 that this floor height doesn't match up to the height of the tile in the adjacent
 room and hallway, so I have to go choose a transition piece before I can proceed.
 I need to find out how that transition piece has to be installed before I do more.
 I'd like to crow about this flooring a bit, too. I'm really happy with the way
 it looks. There will be no apparent seams when it's all down, so I won't
have to worry about losing dropped pins or needles in any flooring cracks. 
That's critical for any craft studio. It's going to help keep my space clean, too.
The planks are so pliable, they bend when you take them out of the package.
Each piece is cut to size with a utility knife and the floor snaps together at joints.
There's no adhesive either, so it's easier to install than rolled flooring.
Finally, I think it looks pretty darn realistic, with a slight sheen. It will
be easy to clean and last a long, long time. The plan is to get the rest of
it installed today so I can start putting my new studio together - and then
 reclaim the rest of our home by the weekend. What's today? Oh, yeah. 
"Julie, Julie, Julie!"
Should be downhill from here, right?

April 22, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Works Every Time...

Hi, Everybody!
Sorry to show you my backside today, but this is where I've been
spendin' some of my time since Mom started this stoopid remodel thing.
 I hate talkin' out of school 'cuz all of you think she's so organized
and everythin', but she hasn't shown you all the different places she's
stacked, crammed and moved stuff to empty out the old studio. Can you
even believe that she piled boxes and bolts all over MY FUTON!!

I can hardly find a comfy place to take my afternoon naps, so I've been hangin'
 out in the garage, just lookin' out the screen and feelin' sorry for myself. Mom
wondered where I was so when she found me here, she had to take my picture.
Then she felt sorry for me, too and decided that I should have a treat!
 (Works every time!) She told me that these treats are good for my teeth,
but I don't believe her for a second. I mean, they're so darn tasty. Really!
 They're chewy rawhide treats, but she said my doctor sells 'em to help 
with my teeth. She said they've got a special dental stuff on 'em. 
I can vouch for the chewy part. I really have to work on this baby.
 I don't taste anything. It's not minty or medicine-y! It's delicious! I'm not
 even sure that she gave me the dental rawhide. This can't be good for me.
 "Hey, Mom!!! Are you sure this is supposed ta be good for me?"
"Yes, Tag. It will make your teeth sparkle and your breath sweet."
"Okay. Then, can I have another one after this?"

Oh, great. Now, she's just laughin' out loud. I'll keep workin' on her.
Maybe if I look pathetic again, I'll get some sympathy. A guy can try,
right? I'm lookin' forward to gettin' things back to normal. I'm missing
 my futon somethin' fierce! I'll hope for the best. 'til next week...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

April 21, 2014

One Down, One To Go...

 Introducing the new guest room...I'm calling it the Wisconsin Room
We've put some of our dog prints on the walls and it feels more like
one of our guest rooms up north than a tropical, Florida look to me.
I like that we have a little bit of our old home here in our southern one.
I love that our guests will now have a light-filled, quiet room to rest.

Walls have been painted, windows washed (inside and out), blinds
and carpet cleaned. We made the decision to keep the carpet for now.
(We previewed the large samples of flooring we had chosen and
weren't 100% sold on it, so we're keeping the carpet we have.)
 That wall straight ahead is where the "tower" of folded fabric used to be. 
Now, there's a small dresser, topped with a Spuds MacKenzie (bar) lamp 
that we've had for years. We used to call my first Labrador, Bryn, "Spuds"
so this silly lamp holds a special place because of my first silly, little dog.
(As an aside: Handsome always wonders why my dogs are all so silly.
hmmmmm. I guess I should take credit for that. You think? lol)

There's also a small chest for holding extra blankets or supporting a guest's 
suitcase. It has a duck half decoy on the front. It's another old favorite piece.
Just enough room for a queen-size bed and side tables, a chest of drawers
and that small decoy chest. Storage will be more than adequately handled
by the large, built-in cabinets on the other wall. They're still full of fabric
right now, but by the end of this process week, they'll be perfect for hanging
clothes and storing a few other items that take up space elsewhere right now.
 My paint of choice here is Behr. I like the coverage and their color selections. 
This time, we decided on "White Clay". I color corrected all the pictures, 
but the table lamps can shift the color. The first picture and this one are pretty 
accurate. Now that this room is finished, I can concentrate on the new studio.
Today, I'll be picking up the paint I chose for the new space and applying it to
the studio walls. When that's finished, Handsome will help me pull the carpeting
 out of the room so it'll be ready for me to put in the new floors tomorrow. (This
step is an adventure that I want to try to do all on my own. Fingers crossed!)
Tag will be here to visit with you, as usual, but I'll have more to show 
you on Wednesday. Don't forget to come back and see Tag tomorrow. 
I'll see you Wednesday!


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