April 1, 2015

Number Twenty Two...

Finally! I have a finished project to share with you today.
This is a commission for a client. I've called it "Cats Eyes".
It's Number Twenty Two.
  Colorful rascal, don't you think?
It's for a local client, so I'll be delivering it today.
I love the time I spend in the studio. Happy me. 
Next? #23!
Don't forget today is April Fools Day!
Wouldn't want to be caught off-guard, you know. 
(You're welcome!)

March 31, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - A Video Message...

Hi, Everybody!
I'm not gonna to take up a lot of space here today.
I'm gonna let my little video speak for me!

I was hopin' that the video would show up like it does when I post to YouTube,
but I guess this one is different. You've gotta click on THIS LINK to play it.

This is the direct link: https://mytalkingpet.co/video/36472/tag-s-birthday-message

Anyway, turn up your sound and check out my message. One more thing...
I told Mom that it doesn't sound like me and she said that was true. She said she
thinks that she and Dad should be the only ones who know my real voice, unless
you meet me in person...or I bark in a video. Somethin' about special privileges for
livin' in the same house with me. So, don't be disappointed if I sound a little "off".

I'll be back on Friday. 'til then...
"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."

March 30, 2015

A Little Less Bookish...

I love books. I love magazines. I love patterns. I love crafts. I also like any combination of the above. Because of that, I have too many books, magazines and patterns.
I have books in shelves, on table tops, in baskets, in tote bags. They're everywhere. Did I say, "I have too much many?"
It's time to put this assortment to good use. Now that I've sorted all of these out of my still immense collection, I'll be taking them over to the Suncoast Humane Society. They have a resale shop that raises proceeds to support their shelter facility. It's a worthy cause and I feel like I'm doing some really good when I donate items there.
The Suncoast Humane Society shelter is located in Englewood, Florida, but they have resale shops in Venice and Port Charlotte. I'll be taking these to Port Charlotte. It's the closest to home.
Some lucky crafters will get great deals; we'll get deductions on our tax return; and best of all, shelter pets will reap the benefits in food, medicine and other comforts during their stay. Everybody wins.

Tag can't wait to visit with you tomorrow. He wants to tell you about this very, very special week!


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