October 2, 2014

Look What I Won...

One of my favorite blogs to follow these days is Nancy's Daily Dish.

I love transferware and have two full (different) sets that I use all the time. 
This set  (Memory Lane with acorns and oak leaves) for everyday, and my 
blue and white Spode wedding set for Sunday dinners and special occasions.

Nancy's Daily Dish gives me that regular "fix" of beautiful dishes and I learn
more about transferware from her knowledge and ever-changing collections. (She
 also has a SHOP selling gorgeous pieces, sorted by color! Purple is stunning, btw.)
I happened to read her post about her current favorite treat in this post, and saw
 that she was offering an assortment of Almondina™ biscuits to her readers. 

It took me a while to get to the "giveaway" part because I spent a lot of little
time exploring the photos from a past Home Beautiful photo shoot she featured.
 All that blue and white, along with beautiful decor, sidetracked me again!

I got all the way down to the bottom of her post to find that I would be the first
commenter.  I know. Who ever wins if they have #1? In all the time I've been
blogging and offering giveaways, I think the Random Generator has only picked
 the #1 name once or twice. I left a comment anyway and hoped for the best.
  Well, I saw on Nancy's Facebook page that "Brynwood Needleworks" was picked!
I hurried over to her blog to confirm that I'd really won. (here) and then I sent 
her an email. I was tickled to try her treats and babbled away on her FB page.
(BTW-If anyone knows where I can find a pilgrim plate like the first one in
Nancy's post, please let me know! It would fit right in with my Spode set!)
I soon received an email from Frank Gelman at Almondina™ and my favorite
UPS driver delivered my package late last week. I brought them inside, made
a cup of tea and snapped a few photos so I could write this post for you.
Then, I sat down and enjoyed my first taste of my Original recipe Almondina
biscuits. They are biscotti, but guilt-free. They are tasty, thin biscuits loaded with
 texture and flavor, and they're perfect for an afternoon tea break at Brynwood.
In case you're interested in tasting Almondina biscuits for yourself, here's a link
to their website. (I'm actually hoping that Frank reads this and sends me an email
offering an assortment for my own giveaway for my Brynwood friends! I'm 
actually raving about these delicious biscuits with no prompting or compensation!)
Thank you again, Nancy! 
Thank you for your lovely, inspirational blog and for your delicious giveaway.
Take a minute or two to visit Nancy's blog (the bold-faced, italicized type
words in my post are links.) Just know that you might get hooked like I did!

October 1, 2014

Perhaps It Was The Faerie Dust...

Be sure to click on the pictures to get a closer look!
 If you recognized this as the cabinet that used to be in my studio, congratulations! 
I know I said I wanted to get rid of it, but I just couldn't. I love it too much.

I moved it onto the covered lanai so it would be out of the weather, and then 
I placed my Nantucket baskets and seashells into it. It's been like that for
most of the summer, but we came home from Wisconsin with "company", 
so I decided it was about time I did something to make them feel at home.
 You see, we came home with faeries. They followed Tag back to Florida!

 I had lots of things that were just their size, along with a few other special
touches, and I think they'll be so much more comfortable here now.
 On this end, you'll see that they have sweet, little chairs to settle into,
and I've made sure the faerie bunnies have a little hidden place to play.

My friend, Krisann crocheted a little brown, covered acorn for me, but 
it's just the perfect size for a faerie basket and the acorn top is now a
tiny tray to hold snacks on the chair arms when the sprites get hungry.
 If you peek in the back, you'll see a couple of faerie babies tucked in
and sleeping...and a wee Corgi will watch over them to keep them
safe! He'll bark an alarm if anything dangerous tries to bother them.
 There's a little red-haired faerie hiding behind the morel mushrooms. 
I know one red-haired granddaughter who will love this faerie!
Morels grow in Wisconsin in the woods, so I knew they'd be a nice addition
to help the faeries feel at home. Do you see the heart-shaped stone? It was 
a gift from my friend, Denise, and we want the tiny folk to know they're 
loved. There's another baby sleeping under the oak leaves, too! Good babies.

If you've got the feeling that this is a little faerie "daycare" you're so right!
 If you're wondering, "Why a daycare?", this corner explains everything.
You see, the other faeries aren't just hanging out in the Florida sunshine.

They're gardeners! They've been collecting acorns and air plants, but 
there's also a tray of mini faerie veggies and empty pots waiting for 
them to plant more! If you look around, you'll find other treasures 
they've collected and brought into their yard. 

I even gave them Wellington boots in their size so they don't get 
muddy feet. Of course, they're still sitting next to their tools, so I 
guess they really prefer to be barefoot when they're out exploring.

Even though I have a placed a lovely acorn-adorned birdhouse in
 back for them, it can be a sturdy, little house for the faeries live in, too. 

 I know when our granddaughters come to visit, they'll have fun investigating
the faerie garden their Grandma created. Until then, I'll play there from
time to time, too. I'll rearrange and add more treasures to it as I find them.
It's fun to create something that's different from what I usually do.
I found myself setting everything up, moving pieces around, and I was 
surprised to see how quickly the time flew. Perhaps it was the faerie dust?


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