October 31, 2014

Now, That Was Fun...

We went to Sarasota yesterday and toured Mote Marine. Uncle Dick really 
wanted to see the manatees and other marine life on exhibit. We didn't miss a bit.
After we had seen every exhibit, I asked what his favorite thing was. He said,
"The manatees.". They seemed to like him quite a bit, too. They were like puppies.
So many colorful (and, in the case of this lionfish, dangerous) things to see.
This spiny lobster was huge!
But when I reviewed all the pictures I took yesterday, I realized that one of my
favorites was this one of a tank loaded with jellyfish. Is it just me, or do they 
look like buttons to you, too? Yes. I thought so. Big, clear, beautiful buttons.

October 30, 2014

Commissioned Corgi Koozies...

This was my commission project...three Corgi Koozies.
Did you know that I was unable to find more canvas, padded blanks?
Yup. If anyone knows where I can get them, please let me know.
For this project, I purchased the neoprene, created my own template for the
base, attached the velcro, made my own coordinating binding, and stitched
out the designs. My client requested a black-headed, tri-color Pembroke...
a handsome Red and White Pembroke...
and this head of a black-headed, tri-colored Pem...all on a royal purple fabric.
I chose the binding fabric to enhance the koozie., and finished them yesterday.
I sent photographs of the final products for her approval. They were a hit!
She loved them, so they'll go in the mail to her today.
Today is the last day that Aunty Marg and Uncle Dick will be here with us.
We're going to Sarasota to Mote Marine Aquarium, and we'll do a little more
touring together before coming back home to attend Handsome's first concert of
the season. We were just saying that we can't believe how the time has flown by.
One more day before they head back to cooler Wisconsin weather. So
many new memories we'll hold dear until the next time we see each other.


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