July 3, 2015

More Dresses For The Girls...

My friend, Marti has been busy! She's a member of the same guild to which I belong, and she brought a surprise to me at our board meeting on Wednesday night...five more dresses for the little girls! (She's made eight so far!)
She even embellished a few of the pockets with the cutest appliques'. This one had a cute, little elephant, and another was embellished with...
  a green goat! hee hee

I have ten dresses in hand so far. Only 90 to go to meet our goal! I'll be working on more of mine throughout the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing the numbers of dresses grow. There are going to be a lot of happy, little girls.

A Message From Tag...

Hi, Everybody!
I'm not sure exactly when the fireworks are gonna start this week.
I just know it's important to remember to protect your pets once the noise starts.

I know lots of dogs are afraid of loud noises, even though I'm not.
I'm puttin' up this poster to help out the ones that freak out whenever they hear stuff like this. I feel real bad for them and hope that it'll help you keep them calm and safe. Most important, don't take your favorite pet(s) outside without a leash to make sure they don't escape and run away. 

I'll see you next Tuesday, but I couldn't wait until later to share this with you.
Please do your best for your pets, and thanks again for readin' this.

July 2, 2015

#28 - Milk Money II ...

"Milk Money II" is my 28th wallet.
This one is a commission and will go to its new home this week.
My client chose a tongue lock for the closure, and I made this one just a little roomier
to accommodate a larger smart phone. Otherwise, it's the same as many of my others.
I really like this one, but you already know my affinity for all things pastoral.
I only wish I'd had a little barn charm to add for the zipper pull! 
As with the others, I've made a wristlet, shoulder strap and key fob.
Back to pincushions, now that this job is complete.


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