September 20, 2014

Play Day...

Funny how things happen. My day went nothing like it was planned yesterday,
but you know what? It couldn't have been a better day. It was nearly perfect!
It started out in the studio, waiting for the call that would let me know "when"
and "where" for lunch. By about 2 o'clock, I started to get the idea that the call
wasn't forthcoming. That's ok. Plans change. I just kept doing what I was doing.
  By dinner time, I had "whipped up" ten of these fun, selvage quilt blocks.
Handsome and I headed out for a dinner date. Again, it rained...hard.
We laughed and ran into the restaurant. Dinner was great, and I love being
with my husband. What could possibly be better than that? A safe, wet drive 
home...and two more finished blocks for the block pile before bedtime.
As far as I'm concerned, it was a perfect play day!!!

September 19, 2014

Selvage Scraps For Future Quilts...

My last day in Sebring was only a half day, so I didn't want to start a new project.
I had taken along a big, honkin' large bag, filled with all my selvage scraps, so
I decided to start trimming all of them for a quilt I have in mind for the future.
I've seen two different concepts for assembling string blocks using selvages.
One method trims the selvage so that none of the actual fabric print shows.
The other way leaves just a bit of fabric print showing on the finished blocks.
I decided to trim all my selvages leaving a 1/4" strip of the print on each one.
I worked on these again yesterday (and I still have many more to do). With each
strip, I remember the original project where I used that piece. I'm also having
fun reviewing the beautiful patterns that each company prints onto their selvages.
(Aren't the little colored hearts sweet? Each colored heart is a color used in the print.
  As I trim each strip, I'll keep tossing them into a large ArtBin tote. 
My plan is to make an odd block now and then until I have enough for a quilt.
Perhaps I'll make one or two today just so I can give you an idea of my vision.
Gosh, it's Friday already! I'm having lunch with my girlfriend, LauraBelle, 
but I'm sure I'll sew a few blocks before the end of the day. We'll see.

September 18, 2014

Retreat Recap...

I couldn't end my trip without posting photographs of some of the fabulous
 quilts created by my friends. There were so many beautiful quilt tops sewn
 together over the past three days - and not all were the group project pattern.

Alice made this stunning quilt top. She was set up on the table behind me, so
I got to watch her work on it. Alice is also the new owner of Prissy! Since I
brought my new Crescendo home, I've been trying to find a new home for
my hardworking, reliable Prissy. I took her to use at the retreat and let 
everyone know that she was "adoptable". Alice played with her and decided
to take her home with her. I'm really thrilled that they have found each other.
This is the quilt top my "roomie", Melinda finished. She started this top a few
years ago and decided that fall was the perfect time to complete her UFO.
I think it turned out lovely. She was was time she finished this one.
Betty is one of my friends from the guild. She always makes colorful 
quilts and this one is no exception. I love her black and red poppy quilt.
I'll look forward to Show and Tell at the guild when she's got it all done!
My friend (and retreat hostess), Susan Slaton of Wazoo Quilts made
this quilt from a precut pack of batiks that a number of the women
bought when we went shopping. She'll add borders and her stellar
longarm skills to this pretty patchwork to create a stunning new quilt.
I wouldn't be surprised if she had it finished by the weekend!
This is Paulie's black and white version of the retreat project
"Jelly Roll Jam II" (free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop. Love it!
Here's Sandi's version in fall and jewel-toned batiks. Yummy!
This quilt is really elegant. Gladys chose a soft, soothing palette for her design.
This is my new pal, Linda Macklin. She made this project quilt using
fall-colored, ACORN-themed fabrics! Squeee! I threatened to abscond
with this beauty. It reminded me of Wisconsin whenever I walked past it.
(You may think she's smiling at the camera, but she was just taunting me!)
I first met Dawna at the Sebring retreat I attended last year at the 
Kenilworth Inn. Remember, there were four "Donna"s and one Dawna?
There were only two Donnas and one Dawna at this one. hee hee

I like how she arranged her six-piece blocks from light to darks. It made
for a completely different effect for the blocks. It's very spring-like, too!
  My last picture to share with you is the official "roommates" photo of me
with my new friend, Melinda. I really enjoyed getting to know her and 
sharing this retreat in her company. Until we see each other at a future
retreat or quilt show...Wishing all "Happy Quilting and Happy Hearts".


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