January 29, 2015

I Remembered My Camera This Week...

My Wednesday students are really getting comfortable with the machines now. We began by reviewing some of the machine and sewing basics, and then progressed to explaining how to measure and cut fabrics for their class project.

I love the intense concentration as they work through all the steps. Hailey was sewing lines on paper in this picture, to get used to her new sewing machine. She did a great job! It was time to move to fabric.
Hailey's mom, Jennifer is also a sewing novice. The first step was to get them over their "machine intimidation". Miss Ellie is like a gentle work horse. Once I turned down her speed control, she just purred along, helping Jennifer gain confidence.
Our class was two hours long last night, and by the end of this session, each of the ladies had a sweet, new pillowcase to take home with them. We used my Pillowcase Tutorial as the pattern. (You can get it HERE. Scroll down through the "Downloads" Widget until you see the "pillowcase" folder. When you click on it, it will download to your computer.)

Don't they looked pleased with their finished projects? They should be. They did a great job! (I warned them that they'll have a strong urge to make more of them now.)

All three of us are looking forward to next week. In the meantime, I'll have fun planning their next project.

January 28, 2015


This is a glimpse of the commission I'm working on right now. I wanted to show you my fabric choices, along with a "birdy" custom tape (created by Anna of LillaLotta). This is how we "tweet" at Brynwood!
I'll be working on these again today, and hope to beat my February 1st deadline by a few days.
My sewing students will be here again this evening, and I promise to take pictures this time! It's going to be a great day here at Brynwood. I hope you have something fun and creative planned for today, too.

January 27, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - Storm Watchin'...

 Hi, Everybody!

I've heard from Mom (and saw for myself on the news last night) that there's a HUGE snowstorm headin' for the northeastern part of the country. My GFF, Quinn and her mom, Carol are in its path, and I'm concerned for all the people who are gettin' snowed on right about now.
It was even cool around here last night, so Mom said I might want to think about puttin' on my knit cap to keep my ears warm. I really don't think it's my best look.

We don't have a fireplace, so we lit candles and made believe. Funny how an open flame can make you feel warm, as long as you don't get your hair too close to the fire! "Put the dog out" would have a whole new meanin', if you get my drift!
Mom decided we should have Ree Drummond's (The Pioneer Woman) Chicken Spaghetti for dinner. She said we needed comfort food (all food is comfort food to a Corgi!), and this recipe is a family favorite. I told her I'd supervise. This is where I like to sit. Dad likes me to sit on the edge of the rug behind me. (I go there just as soon as he walks in the kitchen.)
So, after dinner, Dad and I decided to cuddle up for a bit. Wha? Can't a guy get comfy? It's cold down here on the antique, Persian, wool rug! I've managed to convince Dad that I'm much happier when he's down here, too.
 It'll just be our secret, okay?
It was a pretty stressful night for me...all the worryin' about Quinn and my friends up north. Then, there was all that supervisin'... If you'll 'scuse me, I'm gonna settle in and wait for news from up north. I hope it doesn't get any cooler around here, either. I don't want to have to wear that cap again!

I'll be back in seven. 'til then...

"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."


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